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The Syllabus has been put online to aid Black Eagle students in their training worldwide who are not training under the supervision of a Black Eagle practitioner. The syllabus is by no means complete, but represents a fair portion of the Black Eagle material. It is for this reason that all the techniques are not described in detail, since it serves as a map for students to follow rather than a book from which they can read. Due to the evolving nature of Black Eagle Eskrima, this syllabus will never be complete nor remain the same.
NOTE: (+) indicates a variation on the current drill. (-) indicates a possible counter to the current drill or previous variation.

Core Drills
1-12 Long range
+ follow up initial strike with figure 8 or slash
+ follow up initial strike with thrust
+ Feed 1-12 with thrusts

1-12 short range
+hitting with butt of stick
+hitting with elbow
+striking opponents additional punch
+striking opponents additional kick
+finish with disarm or lock

1-12 De Llave
+finish with disarm or lock
+release one hand, grab opponents stick, strike to head with butt
+release one hand, smash opponents hand or head with butt of stick.

1-12 Avanico
+striking opponents additional punch
+striking opponents additional kick

Battle Attack
+ single stick
+ Double stick
+ long pole
+ short sticks
+ single dagger
+ double dagger

Back and forth : knife & stick.
+ pulling opponent off balance
+ locking opponents attacking arm
+ leg reap, takedown or sweeping
+ neck turning
+ returning the weapon

Short range sparring
+ hand exchanges
+ sipa and toe kicks
+ hooking
+ disarms
+ stick locking
+ sweeping
+ throwing
+ abanico or de llave breaking in/breaking out -every 5 or 10 secs
+ finger locking checking hand.
+ finger locking/crushing stick hand
+ striking checking hand
+ grabbing opponents stick.
+ off-balancing opponent by checking shoulder/torso/face.
+ move to outside during short-range and push opponent away

Long range sparring
+ kicking
+ breaking in/breaking out every 5 or 10 secs

Double Cane Clatter
+ shifting leads
+ low and high thrusts
+ low knee strikes
+ abanico style high strikes
+ Double cane finishes – Strike to tricep, circling out,takedowns, double disarm,etc.
+ sipa and toe kicks 
+ disarms from double cane clatter

+ short-range, inclyding abanico, thrusts and butt strikes
+ long range, with hand exchanges (left and right hands)
+ double stick

Sudden attack
+single stick vs single stick
+empty hand vs knife
+knife vs knife
+single stick vs knife
+empty hand vs empty hand

Empty hand
block and punch (opponent punches, block to outside or inside, and
punch over or under own arm with other hand to strike opponent’s head)
+vary punching angle
+block and punch to arm – straight arm gunting

Double punch (clasping hands together, punching outwards)
+kick defense
+punch defense
+lock release from bear hug, wrist grab, head lock, choke,etc.
-open palms overlapping each other, blocking double punch and moving to lock

Locking system (finger locking, wrist locking, arm locking, bandaks)
+clothing grabs
+arm grab
+inside/outside wrist grab
+one handed/two handed strangle

Lock flow drill
From punch. split entry bandak, to inside bandak, to left arm snake,
to right arm snake, to left arm hammerlock, to right arm hammerlock.
(repeat on other arm)
+Add armbar
+Add figure 4’s

Kicking (Sipa-An)
+simultaneous punching and kicking (right side then left side)
+toe kicks
+stepping on foot & following up with kick
-switching leads
-skipping both feet inwards to avoid kick
-countering with sipa or toe kick

Advanced drills
Single Dagger
Dropstyle with knife,(pushing opponents hand aside)
+from forehand and backhand strikes
+opponent adds multiple hand checks
+attack in forehand/backhand motion
+while in forehand/backhand motion, include slash to abdomen
-turning palms inwards & following swing of knife, applying forward pressure

knife counter to double hand check
(pushing both hands aside, while retracting knife over opponents wrists)
+Ice pick / standard position
+pushing shoulder
+pushing both hands at the wrists across, while pulling out knife
+hooking hands while pushing wrists across knife.

Baiting with knife
(using knife, bait opponents hand,twisting fingers and reapplying knife)
+Add fingerlocking/wristlocking
+include thrusts to wrists, hands, forearms
+include filleting
+include slashes across wrists
-check opponents knife, move into cross-arms

(Starting from empty hand drill, one person draws hidden knife and strikes)
+drawing knife from belt, pocket, shoe,etc.
+including hand exchanges
+applying forward pressure
-smother draw, move into twisting, locking or throwing system

Advanced back and forth with knife
+changing direction of swing: low-high , high-low, left-right,etc.
+include hand exchanges
+include fakes and feints – with knife and empty hand
+striking after multiple slashes and hand exchanges.
+add sipa and toe kicks as distractions
-Include guntings
-follow up with lock and disarm
-finish with takedown

Arm slapping (while thrusting, slap bicep to initiate speedier retraction)
+Forehand and backhand
+ice pick/standard (slapping forearm)

knife Vs knife
+gunting incoming thrust in slashing/thrusting motion with knife hand
+locking with butt of knife
+hooking in ice pick/standard position
+disarming with knife, dropstyle.
– counter hooking

Empty hand disarms vs Knife (also knife vs knife disarms)

Drop style disarms (on right thrust, right hand passes behind opponents
arm, and snaps back towards wrist, as left hand follows circular motion)
-only from standard position

Wraparound disarms
(from right thrust, right arm only guides attacking knife hand from outside,
makes small circle and initiates wrist crush. For left hand thrust, left hand
follows to outside of knife)

Small circle disarms
(Similar to core knife disarms. From right thrust, right hand is placed on
top of attacking knife hand, left hand on bottom. Hand is guided to centre
of opponent and then twisted clockwise in a small tight circle.)
(From left thrust, left hand is placed on top of attacking knife hand,
right hand on bottom. Hand is guided to centre of opponent and then twisted
anti-clockwise in a small tight circle.)
+thumblocking attacking hand

Returning the knife
Standard back and forth disarms, stepping back to off-balance opponent,
while at the same time, guiding the knife back into the opponent.
+Can be also done, by checking the knife with one hand and
collapsing the elbow with the other hand to return to opponent
+exerting off-balancing in combination with the above
+from ice pick and standard positions

Sudden attack with knife
(opponents stand next to one another, one suddenly stabbing with knife)
+counter with block and punch, to either arm or head
+with bandak to off balance opponent
+any variety of ice pick disarms
+same again in standard position

Knife locking
+similar to empty hand locking, but with knife.
+in ice pick and standard, utilising hooking.

Hubad lubad with knife
+single knife, lead hand standard
+single knife, lead hand ice pick
+single knife, rear hand standard
+single knife, rear hand ice pick

Knife vs stick
+disarms vs stick, dropstyle and winding style
+abanico style 1-12

Applying buffalo hands to knife
(when opponent grabs knife hand)
+apply second hand and move to thrust

Double Dagger
From empty hand or knife attack
+knife locking with lead hand in standard, rear hand in ice pick
+knife locking with lead hand in ice pick, rear hand in standard
+knife locking with lead hand in standard, rear hand in standard
+knife locking with lead hand in ice pick, rear hand in ice pick

Hubad lubad with double knife
+Hubad with lead hand in standard, rear hand in ice pick
+Hubad locking with lead hand in ice pick, rear hand in standard
+Hubad locking with lead hand in standard, rear hand in standard
+Hubad locking with lead hand in ice pick, rear hand in ice pick

Double knife vs stick
+disarms, dropstyle and winding style
+abanico style 1-12

+see pocket stick drills
Stick and Dagger
Stick and dagger de llave 1-12
+Knife held perpendicular at end of stick
+Hold knife parallel at end of stick
+circle with lead tip or rear tip
+knife in ice pick position

Block opponent’s stick with dagger, when opponent’s dagger
comes in, move to inside or outside with stick.
Repeat also with dagger, moving to inside and outside.

Tie ups from stick and dagger. from backhand or forehand.
start performing disarm, when opponent’s dagger comes in, use same
hand to come over or under opponent’s arm, and tie up. break balance.
Pool cue technique.

stick and dagger vs stick and dagger
+abanico 1-12 (finish with thrust)

Empty hand (Pangamot)
(striking various regious of opponents arm when he punches)
+one checking/parrying hand, one striking hand
+both striking hands
+targeting fingers, hands, knuckles, forearms,biceps, triceps.
+gunting to same targets with elbow
+straight arm guntings, more a thrusting motion rather than scissoring
+guntings delivered from boxer’s jab-cross
-bend arm at elbow to counter gunting.

Twisting system
(take punch, slide to hand, establish wrist/finger lock)
+ moving to outside
+ thumb lock/finger crushes/ finger twisting.
– finger lock opponent before lock is placed.

locking system
(Take punch/grab, use break balance, wrist locks, arm bars, chicken wings,
hammer locks, figure 4’s)
+move from inside/outside position
+combine locks eg. bandak to figure 4, arm bar to chicken wing,etc.
+add neck twisting/turning
+add sweeping/leg reaping
+after bandak/break balance, add throw
-relax muscles and drop weight to break imminent lock

Hubad Lubad (three count sensitivity drill)
+Hubad from number 1 angle with stick
+Hubad with punch
+gunting on 1st count across bicep/tricep
+as above with backhand gunting to bicep/tricep on 2nd count
+bandak on 3rd count
+figure 4 on 3rd count
+armbar on 3rd count
+dumog shove on 3rd count
+elbow smash on 1st count
+elbow smash (1st count) plus forearm gunting on 2nd count
+triple elbow hubad
+elbow spike hand on 2nd count
+gunting splits 1st count/third count to tricep/forearm respectively.
+half gunting to bicep on 1st count, rebound to head.
+transitions to left and right hubad with elbows, punches & angle 1
+adding sipas into hubad
+hubad with eyes closed
+hubad transitions from left to right hand
+hubad with elbows (three variations)

Thumb locking drill
(start from handshake, lock opponents thumb, counter opponents thumb lock,etc.)

finger locking (Finger locking for specific weapon or empty hand scenarios)
+opponent grabs lapel. Finger lock while removing hand, as opponent
punches with other hand, parry to outside, drive into carotid area with
forearm or hammerfist.
+again drive hammerfist into carotid, elbow chin, wraparound opponents right arm and reap.
+instead of driving into carotid, gunting other arm and finish with lock and throw.

+opponent punches. parry to outside, slide to hand, grab fingers, twist.
Lock thumb with other hand, reposition until opponent submits.

+for back and forth with stick, move to thumb and either crush opponents
thumb into stick or apply thumb lock and disarm with other hand.

Sudden attack Empty hand
(From neutral position, one opponent strikes out)
+counter with gunting, bandak, elbow shove, strike with knuckle punch and then throw
+counter with above + combination of twisting, locking and throwing systems

Kick defence
(Kick defence is based on empty hand vs long pole defence. Wing defence
is adopted as initial block, and variations are added. Also dependent
on the type of kick)
+tuck elbow into ribs, hand covering head, other hand strike femeral of
attacking leg
+for front kick or push kick – knee wrench or knee bar.
+for round house kick – hook with arm , counter direction with other arm
+in event of opponent straightening leg, use knee bar
+hook with arm, follow direction of kick, and move to throw.
+defence against lowline kick , by using foot checking.

Dumog buffalo drill
(both opponents in contact with buffalo hands and fight for best position)
+utlising elbow thrusts and strikes
+moving to outside
+repositioning hands to lock opponent

Neck twisting (similar to twisting system, but applied on neck)
+neck twisting combined with other empty hand systems
+neck twisting defence against tackle, bear hug
+neck twisting against opponents picking up weapons (exhibition fighting)

foot trapping
+gunting punch, pull off balance, sipa and foot trap, move to outside, push.
+gunting punch, pull off balance with simultaneous sipa to knee. move to throw.
+with Also with stick/dagger.

Double stick empty hand equivalents (rolling hands)
+ from inside and outside position
+ two count hubad (parrying inside)
+ two count hubad (parrying outside)
+ Elbow equivalents
+ flowing under arm over arm strikes to head.
+ combination with bandaks, locks, throws, elbows

Two armed arm bar.
+from jab-cross
+from push to chest
+from double knife

Empty hand equivalents for long pole twisting system
+knee locking front and back knee
+knee locking from elbow hubad transition
+knee locking from any empty hand scenario (see also stick locking)

Long pole
Long pole 1-12
+block, slide to hand
+block, then thrust
+block, move to disarm either end (use of gates)
+block, slide to hand, grab opponents pole & twist
+block, place stick vertically and push opponent away
+1-12 thrusting and variations
-As opponent slides to hand or thrusts, grab opponents long pole, and utilise twisting system
-as above, grab opponents long pole, position own long pole under arm and strike opponent

Empty hand Long pole defence (from spear grip/standard grip)

Spear grip (wing defence)
+grab long pole sink weight, drive towards opponent
+as above, and move to throw
+as above, and strike shin with sipa/leg kick
+as above, trap stick with foot until opponent releases

Standard grip
+block with wing defence, untwine opponent’s arm and lock with long pole.
+move to throw
+same as spear grip counters

Single stick
Grabbing the stick hand
(opponents start in short range, checking hands in contact with opponents
stick. One person initiates by simultaneously hiding the hand, while pushing
opponents stick away, and then following with strikes to thigh, checking
hand, head, in any order or combination)
+grabbing the hand from short range sparring, as soon as opponent grabs stick hand

Stick locking
(identical locks found in empty hand locking system ie. figure 4, armbar,etc.)
+from punches and grabs
+leg locking with stick
+choking with stick
+grappling with stick
+locking knife opponent with stick
+locking stick opponent with stick

1-12 Long range
+sliding to hand
+hitting the hand follow-up with thrust
+combinining long range, short-range, abanico and de llave

1-12 Long range de llave
+move to outside of opponents strike, in a circling motion guide weapon
to ground, and slide to hand.
+move into short range de llave after sliding to hand

Empty hand defence against single stick
+dropstyle disarms
+returning the stick into opponent
+standard disarms

Single stick de llave vs long pole
+finger crushing
+grabbing long pole and striking opponent with other hand

Single stick vs double stick
+if in double stick close combat sparring, and one stick is disarmed, break into de llave

Double Stick
Double stick 1-12
+Double stick disarms
+target head or knee for last strike
+block to strike to outside,thrust to body with other stick
+alernate checking stick or thrust over or under own arm
+sinawali high/low
+holding sticks in reverse grip
+Double stick abanico 1-12
-empty hand defence against double stick

Morph Clatter
+double stick, stick and dagger, double dagger, and empty hand.
+vary height of slash/strike, to arm or body.

Double stick infighting
(using butt of sticks in the same manner as empty hand elbow drill, hook opponents’
stick and strike with butt of sticks)
+double stick standard sinawali vs double stick hooking
+double stick hubad

Double stick vs long pole
+abanico style

Double stick blocking and thrusting
+ square block with one stick, slash or flick knee or arm
Pocket Sticks / Short Sticks (Dalo Dalo)
1-12 with pocket sticks
+blocking and thrusting
+blocking, replacing check, and thrusting over own arm
+blocking, hooking clockwise with lead tip of blocking stick & thrust
+blocking, hooking anti-clockwise with lead tip of blocking stick & thrust
+blocking, hooking clockwise with rear tip of blocking stick & thrust
+blocking, hooking anti-clockwise with rear tip of blocking stick & thrust
+blocking with other stick, hooking with lead tip of blocking stick & thrust
+blocking with other stick, hooking with rear tip of blocking stick & thrust
+opponent strikes with both sticks, block and hook both sticks
+hooking to disarm, with single pocket stick or both pocket sticks
+wrenching opponent off balance
+locking system with pocket sticks
+counter-locking with pocket sticks
+free flow hubad, transitions with pocket sticks

Flexible weapons
+When opponent strikes with stick, counter by striking weapon with chain,
if flexible enough, weapon will coil several times around stick. Once
it is coiled, wrench weapon to disarm opponent.

De llave 1-12
+De llave w/ flexible weapons, block stick, wrap around stick once, wrap
around opponents hand, and then wrap around opponents neck.
-roof lock and throw to counter
-to counter above, neck twist or guillotine
-to counter above, sweep rear leg
+Also from knife thrusts, slashes, empty hand punches and grabs