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Empty hands warm up
At stance holds arms back horizontally in line with shoulders and straight vertically with clenched hands facing forward. Punch both arms down at a 45-degree angle and back up to shoulder position. Punch up at a 45-degree angle and back to shoulder position.Repeat 20 times.At stance with clenched hands, changing stance punch right then left.Repeat 20 times.At stance bend at waist with clenched hands punch down with right hand to left toe. Bringing hand back to body, punch to the right toe with left hand.Repeat 20 times.Stepping forward from stance punch and snap kick with same arm and leg, then punch and snap kick with other side.Repeat 20 times. 
Single Stick warm up
At stance with stick in right hand, perform under arm action by passing the stick over right shoulder. Left hand then reaches under right arm to grasp top-end of stick to pass the stick over left shoulder so right hand can grasp stick (handle-end) under left arm bringing it back over right shoulder.Repeat 2-3 times.During the under arm action when the stick is in the left hand over left shoulder and right hand grasping handle, pass the stick with the right hand behind and under the right leg, squatting as doing so. Then grasp the top-end with the left hand to pass under left leg squatting as doing so with the right hand grasping handle. Right hand then passes stick over right shoulder to continue under arm action as many times as desired.Finish under arm action with stick in right hand over left shoulder, left hand grasping it under right arm. Pass stick around the left side to behind the back so right hand grasps handle, bringing it above the head to twirl it 3 times clockwise before stabbing forward at chest level with left hand guarding upper body. Perform the winding motion to bring stick under right armpit.  
Double Sticks warm up

At stance proceed with double stick winding motion. Changing stance and body positions with high and low winding motions continue for as long as desired. Continuing on the same movement place both sticks behind and under each respective leg squatting down so as to hold the sticks by the inner legs. Grab them by the middle at the front of the legs and while standing up again position your hand on the handles. Continue double stick winding motion as long as desired then stab forward with right stick, using the left stick to guard above at chest level. Perform winding style to bring each stick under its respective armpit.
Long Stick warm up
At stance hold long stick in right hand vertically. Changing to right stance commence long stick rolling motion in an anti-clockwise direction. Change to left stance and left hand using the upsey-downsey motion and commence long stick rolling motion clockwise for 1-2 turns, then upsey-downsey back to right hand in front stance.Turn long stick horizontally under right armpit and cross blow long stick to right. Then by returning the opposite end of the long stick under the left armpit cross blow to the left. From left position change to right armpit and cross blow to right. Return to left armpit and cross blow to left and then return to a right hand long stick rolling motion.In right hand swing the long stick under the left leg into left hand. Turn long stick once and then swing it under the right leg into right hand. Continue right hand rolling motion about 4 times (always anticlockwise for the right side and clockwise for the left side).In right hand swing the long stick behind the back so left hand grabs it to twirl it above the head (anticlockwise) with both hands, for a few times before the right hand swings it down to the right then straight away (with both hands) thrust and stab forward. Bring long stick back to right side in right hand in vertical position.